February 2, 2012

101 - Pilot (Part I)

First-time viewers Allie and Amberlee are introduced to the acclaimed AMC drama series Breaking Bad (2008-2013) and guided in an episode-by-episode commentary by enthusiasts Michael and Jeromy. The four hosts introduce themselves and begin the first part of their discussion and analysis of Breaking Bad - 101 Pilot.
Explore the life of good-natured Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who works hard to provide for his family by working two jobs: full-time as a high school chemistry teacher and part-time as a car wash cashier. As Walter turns 50 years old, he is confronted by the horrors of poverty, impudent students, disrespectful employers, nagging wives, a life unfulfilled, and veggie bacon...

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  1. Hey guys. Happy to be the first commenter on your podcast blog. You seem like a likable bunch of guys and it is nice to hear some fresh first impressions on the show.

    Some information you may find interesting is that Walter Jr. was always written to have Cerebral Palsy. Vince had a close friend with the same disability and the inclusion of it in the series is meant as a tribute to this friend.

    Good luck on future episodes!
    - Hasse

  2. Bookmarked!

    Have a SUPER week*

    Harry Goaz